An enlightened path to creativity

Lots of people have different views about creativity. To me creativity starts from planning.Planning about what you aim to achieve.defining agenda,writing plans in small papers or keep note. Distributing work is very important. Then Search.One can use google.One can consult a partner,to adjust ideas.Matching the implementation with planned thoughts.

Inspired from an article “What Drives Creativity?By Harvey Mackay sent to my email, I think to be creative one must be able to study a lot. Like browse the internet,read magazines,novels or any journals.Try to define things .Think in different way by watching same thing everyday.First knowing the problem is very important .Then We can move forward to solve the problem. Be well communicative.There is chance of failure.Try hard for success but must be able to adjust failure. Finally one should know how to relax and allow mind to rethink creatively.

What is the importance of creativity. The point is clear that creative ,the word itself is very positive  and mostly appreciated by all. But the question is that “Is creativity  inborn or it can be generated?’. I think creativity is object that lies in those who thinks,works hard,have willpower .So creativity can be achieved. But question may rise is the creative man are to think creatively. Well there is no answer of that. But I believe a person no matter how creative he is ,he must  try to be creative.


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