Thoughts about IPO ‘bubble’ in Bangladesh
Monday October 4 2010 Javed bin Kamal
A rickshaw-puller made an application for IPO (initial public offering) recently for a mutual fund. Many… [Read more]

Bangladesh needs to diversify export for sustainable growth
Thursday September 23 2010 Javed bin Kamal
Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith said in an interview with leading English newspaper that the… [Read more]

How to do research?
Monday October 19 2009 Javed bin Kamal
Research helps in the search for the solution. There is an erroneous notion that only academicians can… [Read more]

Cost of capital of private firms
Sunday November 14 2010 Javed bin Kamal
A knowledgeable teacher of finance told this writer to consider 10% as cost of capital while facing a… [Read more]

Facing the food price-driven inflation
Monday May 12 2008 Javed bin Kamal
Today the market has become a fearsome place for the people. The prices of daily essentials have… [Read more]

The keystone of an investment banker
Thursday December 31 2009 Javed bin Kamal

INVESTMENT banking as a career is highly attractive. Joining investment banking after completing an MBA has… [Read more

The importance of money management

published in The Financial Express.

More Research on Trading

Saturday, 09 March 2013

Suppose, an ideal farmer has his own firm with cows, land with crops, pond with fish, farmer's daughter knows some herbal treatment, farmer's son knows building technology, and his wife knows sewing. [Read more]

Redefining Poverty: A Reality

05 Nov, 2013

Poverty measurement is not GNI (gross national income) or GDP (gross domestic product) per capita. This writer feels poverty is found when a person’s income is not sufficient to make inflation adjusted with consumption.[ Read more ]


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