Forecasting :

Forecating is difficult ,specially it is about future;a wiseman said. We do forecast on the basis of knowledgeable assumptions and valid inputs.Our forecasting service is specially related to firms valuation,feasibility,.we do mix trend and analyst dynamic comprehension in to the solution.

Financial statement analysis:

Finacial statement analysis and reporting involves building financial statements,notes and relevant explanation,checking whether everything is in compliance with GAAP,IFRS and other relevant standards.We follow certain techniques ,ratios,measures to analyse financial statements of companies,or pro formas of projects.

Business planning:

Business planning is core functions of Finexp.We do help fromĀ  new entreprenuers to existing firms attempting new ventures in their journey through business plans.

Credit analysis:

Credit analysis involves judgement of credit worthiness of projects through financial statement analysis and project,industry and macro enviornment outlook.

Personal finance :

We do consult individuals in planning their personal finance such as retirement plan,real estate investment,personal financial statements.


Research involves both micro and macro analysis.

Portfolio analysis:

We prepare portfolio analysis on the basis of both fundamentals and technicals and index analysis.

Our services at a glance

-Project Profile

-Business Plan

-PartĀ  time CFO

-Organizational Restructuring

-Internal Auditing

-Research & Development



-Personal finance- Retirement Plan ,Pension Fund

-Survey & Economic Analysis

-Marketing ,Branding

-Strategy Formulation

-Credit Rating Analysis

-Market Research

-Enterprise Resource Planning

-Supply Chain Development

-Social & Enviornmental & Carbon Analysis

-Product Design : Financial & Physical

-Stock Analysis: Fundamental,Technical Analysis


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